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About Table 55

Chris and David:

Our owners collectively have over 30 years of hospitality experience. The name Table 55 comes from the number of the staff table Chris and David used to meet to hang out at the place where they both worked prior to starting their own business.The menu at Table 55 is a collaboration between David and Chris and are driven to use their 30 years of experience to continuously come up with new and delicious recipes.

Chris Kalfoglou - Owner

Started as a Chef in 2001 and worked at a quite a few places. I did my apprenticeship at Georgia and Malven where I honed my skills as a Pizza Chef. Since then, I have been successful in the industry and have continued to work in fine dining establishments across St.Kilda and have also provided my services at numerous festivals. I take pride in using the freshest ingredients to create the best possible dining experience for all my customers.

David Mackay

I have been working in the food industry with modern cuisine for the past 15 years. I have a massive passion for food and for providing all my customers with the best possible dining experience.


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